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                                                          GARDEN RAILROAD DISEASE

                                                           ADULTS VERY SUSCEPTIBLE

    SYMPTOMS: Constant complaint about the need for a constructive hobby.   Victims often have a blank   expression and are     unresponsive to the needs of their spouse and other family members. Patients are known   to stare at the yard and mutter   such phrases as: “Mulch, ponds, trestles”. Patients are often unable to do   simple house items. They spend hours staring at   the same Garden Railroad magazines and catalogs.               They are often found wandering thru train shows with cameras- often mumbling numbers such as 4-6-2.                                                                       

                                                                   DISEASE IS NOT FATAL

                                              TREATMENT:  Contact THE BUCKEYE STATE GARDEN RAILROADERS

                                                  INFO: Dave Hawk: 330-896-9340 or Mark Gilger: 330-658-5035

       WEBSITE:                                                                        **FOLLOW THE BSGR ON FACEBOOK**