Restorative Construction Services


The thought of your home being flooded in a storm or damaged by fire is not all that entertaining. The reality of it happening and you having to recover from it is considerably worse.

           We Play Trains in Our Gardens

The Buckeye State Garden Railroaders (BSGR) is a group of people who have a love of trains, playing with trains and enjoy putting trains outside in a garden-type setting.  The  trains can be run electrically using 12-18 volt dc, by battery  (a car battery can work) and even steam, and the equipment is built to withstand all types of weather – rain, snow and sun and can be left outside year round.  The scale we work with is G Scale, ½” to the foot, and can be enjoyed both outside and inside. This scale is easy to see and handle, is very durable and has proven to be of interest to every member of a family, from the “engineer”, to his helpers (children) and to the spouse who can work magic with plantings, buildings and other accessories that can make a display very attractive to everyone.


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